AuTx Supply Chain

There are numerous applications that can be UAS/2nd Skin Armor based – load carriage – helmets – clothing – gun mountings – electrical items – sleeping bags – ladders – stretchers – assault suits – indeed any item that is worn or carried can be made from the world’s lightest and strongest fiber.   UAS/2nd Skin Armor  can also be used for a number of applications in the automotive, marine and aerospace sectors.


UAS/2nd Skin Armor  fabric has such unique properties it can be used for numerous applications, not only for the police and military, but for schools and most recently, our fabric has reached the interest of high end custom curtains and furniture manufacturer.

UAS/2nd Skin Armor  is currently in contract with Kayel De Angelis, owner of Decorative Armor Systems (“DAS”) for exclusive rights to the development and manufacturing of ballistic curtains, shades and blankets.


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