Our apparel is based on a common top and bottom pattern for base layer, mid layer and outer layers and can be made into all the clothing a soldier wears giving comfort and protection. Vests are made of laminated woven 2nd Skin Armor and layered  giving lighter camouflaged and environmental solutions. High protection on vulnerable areas; groin, neck, extremities and arteries. 2nd Skin Armor can be woven, knitted, fleeced, rubberized, printed etc., without adding layers or weight.


Result- most items are 25% of the weight of all other solutions but offer 10 times more fragment protection.


Mid (insulating) layer garments:

Gaiters, fleece trousers, quilted trousers, fleece jacket, quilted jacket, over gloves.

Outer garments:

Combat boots, combat trousers, combat jacket, combat gloves.
Load Carriage: belt order webbing/ insertion & extraction harness, belt pouches, 9.2gal/35 liter ruck sack, 16.5gal/100 liter bergen / CSPEP, stretcher.

Body armor:

helm, torso, arm and leg protection.  A “covert” 007 / close protection: t-shirt covert armor, jacket armor, trousers, shoes.

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