A Standard Level II Vest.

Lightweight vest with minimum back-face deformation (the backside of the vest indicating the level of potential damage to the body due to trauma of a bullet impact). It has a target weight of 4.0 pounds and a back-face deformation of 35mm. NIJ 1010.06 Certification requires less than a 44mm back-face deformation.

This vest is the most commonly used in the domestic police departments.

Premium Level II “Stab-Spike” Vest.

This product offers significant weight reduction over the Standard Level II Vest with similar ballistic threat capabilities. The target weight for the vest will be 3.6 pounds and a back-face deformation no greater than 35mm. This vest, like the Level II Standard model, offers threat protections up to a 357 Magnum. This will represent a major weight and performance improvement over vests currently available.

Level IIIA “Concealable” Vest.

This vest has weight savings similar to the Level II Standard Vest but with superior threat protection. It will offer protection up to 44 Magnum.

Level IIIA SWAT Tactical Vest.

With a target weight of 4.6 pounds this vest will be the highest performing SWAT vest available. The features and characteristics of each vest addresses specific functional, strategic and tactical operational requirements. UAS’s products will be prototyped and pre-tested to NIJ standards at a comparable facility in the U.S. prior to NIJ testing. The strategy of refining designs and testing first ensures a high degree of success for final NIJ product certification and at a much lower cost.

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