Product/Technology Descriptions 

Universal Armor Systems is a New York based company that will organize and co-ordinate its manufacturing,  testing and marketing of advanced Body Armor/Personal Protective Apparel and Equipment (PPA&E) using a  new generation of aramid fibers for the Military, Police, and Security Personnel.  


UAS materials have a unique combination of properties (use of continuous filament terpolyaramide yarns to  produce protective equipment to increase protection, reduce the burden and increase the economic efficiency  and operational effectiveness of dismounted soldiers and special force operators) which includes: strength, thinness, thermal resistance, environmental stability, which allows for the development of stronger, thinner, lighter  textiles and composites for a very wide range of applications. This would include ultra-light weigh equipment for  Frontline Defense, Law Enforcement and other ‘cutting edge’ service personnel.  

Body armor made from UAS composite can attenuate and deflect shock waves away from vital organs and protection from threats such as Improvised Explosive Devices (“IED”s). This is of specific interest to modern Dis mounted Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Women, Special Forces Operators, Front-Line Law Enforcement Personnel, First Responders and the Government agencies that finance them.  


Our textiles are a state-of-the-art bullet resistant technology with an array of applications ranging from bullet  proofing everything for Military and Police Officers to protecting children in schools enabling a new standard of  protection.  

Weight Reduction and Improved Protection 

As mentioned above, UAS’s technology, research and testing has allowed the Company to design clothing for  those in military first responders and others in need that are lighter than what they presently have and afford  more protection. The current clothing for a Special Forces Operative (based on the best commercial knowledge  the Company has) now weighs approximately 55.11 lbs. or 25 Kgs. By using products designed and coordinated  UAS that can be reduced by to as much as 33.06 lbs. or 15 Kgs. Additionally, employing designated materials and  weaves increases the protection from fragments created in an explosion (along with egress blast and shock) by  base, mid and outer clothing. 

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