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Chief Compliance Officer and Quality Control

Nicolas has extensive experience in the defense industry and severed as the Export Compliance Officer and as the primary manager on export control issues with major defense firms. He has a broad range of experience in the federal government and has acted as the compliance manager dealing with security procedures and with the National Industrial Security Program for the protection of classified information. His career has encompassed over thirty three years with the U.S Government in the fields of law enforcement, investigative, security, compliance fields and has received numerous awards for his achievements. He has worked for the Department of Defense as a supervisory investigator and a Senior Industrial Security Representative.

He has also worked as an investigator for the Office of Inspector General, US EPA and a Police Officer with the Executive Protective Service (Currently the Uniform Division of the U.S. Secret Service), in which he was responsible for the protection of the President, Vice-President and their families, the White House and foreign embassies.  Mr. Triandafilos received his Master Degree from C.W. Post and his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland College Park.

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