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Universal Armor Systems (UAS) is an armor company that will revolutionize the ballistics industry.

Our textiles are a state of the art bullet resistant technology with an array of applications, from bullet proofing everything for Military and Police Officers to protecting our children in Schools; this will be the new standard of protection.

The benefits of using UAS systems is a 30% -50% decrease in weight reduction (depending on application), 3 ½ times the strength of the current armor sold today and 10x stronger than steel.

Universal Armor Systems is also known for its stab/spike protection with an increase in threat protection (V50’s) and a decrease in back face defamation.

In addition, UAS product line consists of our Protective Under Garments (PUG) and Protective Outer Garments (POG) that has been tested to stop fragmentation from 2grain RCC to 64grain RCC.

Through the use of these materials, the textile /composites can also be used in a variety of applications in the aerospace industry.

What renders UAS textiles more superior are the advances in science and technology.   We are not looking to re-invent the wheel, but with science and technology, we are able to make quantum leaps.

Phone: 631.838.1836

262 Glen Head Road

Glen Head, NY 11545
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