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Our Business is concentrated in a segment of the ballistics industry, which focuses on personal ballistic protection and hard armor threats. This has been the Company’s focus for the past ten years and entails the development, manufacture, and commercialization of products, principally of high strength proprietary materials, for safe-guarding individuals from both primary and secondary projectiles created by man-made or natural causes. This would encompass personal protection including equipment an individual might have on his person.

The primary applications of these materials have been intended to provide security to parties who are front line defenders in law enforcement, in the military, private security sectors as well as others who find themselves in precarious situations.

In its pursuit to make the most innovative technology product for ballistic protection to these segments, UAS has researched and completed extensive testing on materials and fabric to withstand a variety of attacks from the various projectiles of 9mm to 44mags weapons to those of the AK-47 to multi-strike armor piercing 30cal. and its similar variations. The effort of research and testing has furthered the Company’s knowledge and capabilities in its field of ballistics and its proficiency to apply and construct such materials to a variety of applications. As a result of this foundation of knowledge, UAS has been able to extend its scope to include business and residential protection solutions by developing and testing applications that include ballistic shields, shades and curtains. These products and services are meant to ‘harden’ specific physical sites from the same threats as those of individual protection but for a group of people.

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